Antares rocket launch may be visible in Central PA this evening

If you see a strange sight in the southeastern sky this evening, don’t fret. The Antares rocket launch will occur at 7:40 PM this evening from Wallops Island. The launch was supposed to occur Sunday night, but was delayed 24 hours to this evening due to a glitch in group support equipment. If you remember, the last time this sort of launch happened in such public eye the Antares rocket exploded on the pad at launch back in October of 2014. That caused 15 million dollars in damage to the Wallops Island site.

The attached image depicts where and when the rocket will be visible along the east coast.  Our visibility of the launch as clouds slowly clear should occur 2 minutes after launch (7:42 pm) in the southeastern sky, very low on the horizon. Some areas may still be dealing with clouds and prevent views of the rocket here in Central PA.

Antares is on a cargo mission to the ISS (International Space Station)

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