Harrisburg, Central Dauphin students unite after racist post sparks tension

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Harrisburg and Central Dauphin students united on the football field after a racist social media post sparked tension earlier this week.

The players joined hands moments before kickoff at Harrisburg’s homecoming game Saturday. Both districts released a joint statement that said they are committed to restoring unity.

“If we don’t forgive them, we can’t move on. We have to forgive them,” Michelle Wise, a grandparent, said.

“I think it’s sad. I think because of the mistake some made, I think the whole school was judged by it and we don’t all feel that way. There are a lot of good people at CD and I hope we can move past it,” Lorrie Page, a parent, said.

Several Central Dauphin students were disciplined after an Instagram post which features a group of white female students holding a sign with the words, “You stupid n***er” went viral. Although the original post has been deleted, screenshots were posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Harrisburg School District said it’s normal for increased security to be present at big games like homecoming. However, additional state troopers who wouldn’t normally be there were brought in specifically because of the issues surrounding the racist post.

“Honestly I’ve been here the whole game and I haven’t seen too much tension. The boys are here to play. We all wanted to see a good game and that’s why everybody’s out here,” Tara Ghaston, a relative of one of the players, said.


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