Former Purdue softball player flying high Saturday for homecoming

Courtesy of WLFI

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI)- When you think of a college graduate what comes to mind? Celebration? Grad school? What about becoming a pilot for the Navy?

Tara Palmer is a Purdue graduate who had a love for engineering. Her plan was to go to into the Air Force to have a career that revolved around planes.

After the Air Force didn’t work out, she found herself becoming involved with the Navy, where she has worked her way up to a Lieutenant rank, and pilots jets for a living.

Between being a former Purdue softball player, graduation, and going into the navy, Tara took some time to give back to the sport she loved the most. She coached 14U teams back in Texas before taking off for the Navy.

Tara will be flying over the Purdue Homecoming game Saturday, October 15 during the national anthem.

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