Williams Grove Amusement Park to reopen for Halloween night only


WILLIAMS GROVE, Pa. (WHTM) – Get ready for screeches along the Yellow Breeches.

For the first time in a dozen years, Williams Grove Amusement Park in Monroe Township, Cumberland County will reopen to visitors on Halloween night, Oct. 31, for what is being billed as “Terror in the Park.”

The owner of the park that closed in 2005 is leasing the grounds to a company that runs scary theatrical theme events. For an admission price, guests can wind their way through the derelict park and be engaged by costumed actors in a dimly lit venue.

There are no rides. In fact, most of the rides were either sold or left to deteriorate with the passage of time. The skeletal remains of the Cyclone roller coaster still stand – barely.

For the operators of the fun night, it’s an amusement park ghost town that has the perfect appeal to people who can exchange the thrill of rides for the thrill of the unexpected.

“We’re not after an ‘in your face’ experience that other haunted parks offer,” said Stacey Eckenrode of Halloweenpark. “We want to work with the landscape, the lighting, and the decaying remains of a once vibrant park.”

Williams Grove operated as a picnic grounds in the late 1800s. It began offering rides in the 1920s and grew into a popular recreational area for decades. But at the turn of the century, attendance began to drop. And when attempts to sell the park failed, the owner closed the park and sold off most of the rides.

Tickets for the one-night opening are $45 for the 6 p.m. to midnight run. More information at the company’s website: www.halloweenpark.com.



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