Rumors of violence spread at Central Dauphin amid racist social media post

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Central Dauphin school day began “a bit more tense than normal”, according to Principal Kenneth E. Miller. This, after a racist social media post made by a group of students, sparked outrage Wednesday.

Rumors of a possible shooting have spread in response to the photo, which shows several high school girls holding a sign featuring a handwritten racial slur.

Letter from Central Dauphin High School Principal Kenneth E. Miller

In a letter sent out Thursday morning, Principal Miller notes that each and every rumor has been investigated and no threats have been found to be credible.

Miller goes on to say that state police were called to the school to offer additional support and help promote a safe environment.

Still, dozens of students were picked up early on Thursday due to safety concerns.

Superintendent Carol Johnson, Ed. D. issued this statement to parents and guardian:

There are numerous text messages and social media posts reporting an active shooter incident at Central Dauphin High School. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE. We have security staff in the building and they are aware of exactly what is going on. Students and parents are reacting to unfounded rumors. News outlets have asked why state troopers entered the parking lot in the last several minutes (11:20 am.). It has been reported to us by police that a parent called 911 to report an active shooter incident at CD High School.. As a result, PA State Troopers were dispatched. THE CALL WAS ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Upon arriving, they quickly realized that the caller had absolutely nothing upon which to base the call. The only chaotic activity at the high school is in the office where many parents, responding to the texts of students asking to leave school, are trying to sign students out. Our principals and security officials are physically present in the building, as I was much of the morning, and confirmed there is no chaos, no shooter, no violence, no demonstrations. Our students and teachers are attempting to get through a normal school day despite numerous attempts from the outside which are making that difficult. Please know that if, at any time, we believe there is a safety issue at CD High School or any other building in our district, you will be informed immediately through our Parent Notification System. Also, please be aware that students who leave school at this time will not be permitted to participate in after school activities.

The school district has opened an investigation into the post. At this time, there is no word if the girls will face any punishment.

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