Local American Red Cross assists with Hurricane relief

When it comes to any disaster relief it’s always an all hands on deck situation, but there is one organization where people will always find hope.

From the flooding Texas, to wildfires out West.

“This whole year has been one disaster after another,” Dan Tobin, regional director of marketing and communications of the American Red Cross Central PA Region, said.

Hurricane Matthew has left millions of homes and businesses without power, ripping through much of the Southeast. The relief is felt with the sight of the familiar, red cross symbol.

“It’s wonderful to see how willing folks are to help others in times of need,” Tobin said.

More than two thousand Red Cross volunteers have traveled South to help. Eleven are from the Midstate. Many leaving behind family and headed to the unknown.

“Are you going to be staying in a shelter yourself? Are you going to be in a hotel? Are you going to be sleeping on the floor of an office somewhere,” Tobin said.

From planning, to helping at shelters, driving vehicles, and even handing out food.

“It’s the volunteers that are going out day in and day out, assisting people in their times of need. We couldn’t function without the volunteers,” Tobin said.

Aside from volunteering, the Red Cross said you can help by simply donating money or by giving blood.

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