Turnpike Commission hopes new legislation will crack down on toll violators

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is hoping that new legislation will pass to help them crack down on drivers not paying their tolls.

In the current fiscal year, Turnpike officials expect to raise almost one billion dollars in profit from tolls, but also expect to lose $5 million from drivers who don’t pay.

Senate Bill 1086 would give PennDOT authority to suspend the vehicle registrations of those drivers who have six or more violations, or have at least $500 in unpaid tolls and fees.

“We’re not going after the people who make an honest mistake,” Carl Defebo, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, said. “There is occasionally confusion at the interchange. Especially for the people who may not know what E-ZPass is. These are the repeat, egregious offenders.”

Defebo says the problem is with drivers using the E-ZPass only lanes, who don’t have E-ZPass.

Currently, officials can send violators two violation notices, and can then send the case to a collection agency, but don’t have the authority to take any further action.

The Commission is also look into entering contracts with other states, so they can pursue violators with out-of-state license plates.

Senate Bill 1086 passed the Senate last week, and is awaiting approval in the House.

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