TrimLine Weight Loss and Wellness

TrimLine’s goal is simple: fix the thought process toward food. They don’t put a band aid on the problem—they fix it with one on one counseling to deal with stress and emotional eating.

“It is a learned behavior. When we were little we got rewarded with bad foods and we got comforted with bad food. With pizza, ice cream, mac & cheese, cookies, etc.” tells Nadia Sherifi.

“Sugar literally signals the cells to get the sugar out of your system, so sugar does induce an insulin surge, it spikes your sugar levels…so it goes high, then what happens? The BIG CRASH! Your brain to release serotonin which makes you feel good and calms you down but it makes you crave more sugar and more sweets. So the cycle continues and it puts your hormones out of balance,”

Nadia’s got plenty of tips as well as explanations as to why we have certain relationships with different foods. For more advice, visit

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