Will local malls be open on Thanksgiving this year?

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Mall of America, the nation’s largest shopping mall, will be closed on Thanksgiving this year.

The Bloomington, Minnesota center has been open on the turkey feast since 2012. But the mall told The Associated Press it wants to offer workers time with their families on the holiday.
Managers at the Colonial Park Mall off of Jonestown Road said it’s too soon to tell if they’ll follow suit. But there are several factors that will determine their decision.

Malls across the country are typically closed just three days a year.

“Thanksgiving, Christmas day, and Easter,” Susan Arial, the marketing director of the Colonial Park Mall, said.

But in recent years that’s changed. As many malls and retailers have opened their doors Thanksgiving day.

“That Thanksgiving day is for family. It’s time you’re supposed to spend with your kids, your loved ones,” Darryle Pierce, one shopper, said.

“I think that they should maybe be opened half day. That way if some people need some nice clothes, or some nice things to wear, something happens. You never know, a shoe might break,” another shopper, Trudy Torres, said.

Managers said it depends on what the big department stores are doing.

“They always have different policies, they have different things on sale, something unique this year might need to be sold on Thanksgiving. It’s just all over the place,” Arial said.

They also look at what the other retailers want to do. Some want to be open all day, every day. Others don’t.

“So we try to take it all into account because once we set our hours, everybody’s got to follow it,” Arial said.

So why don’t many of our local malls know if they’ll be open now?

“That’s a good question. Corporate offices of malls typically have a lot of malls in a lot of different areas. So they want to be consistent and sometimes that tough when you’re all over the place. And things can be different in different parts of the country,” Arial said. “We all just sorta do a little waiting game to see how it’s all going to happen.”

The Capital City Mall and the Harrisburg Mall said they have not heard anything regarding Thanksgiving hours at this time.

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