Students ditch the ride for National Walk to School Day

STEELTON, Pa. (WHTM) – Students in Steelton left home a little earlier Wednesday morning to take part in National Walk to School Day.

The event aims to promote safety, a cleaner environment, healthier habits, and a sense of independence. Thousands of schools across America participated, including in Steelton.

“I think in this day and age, we do need to teach our students all the different areas to be safe, whether it is crossing the street, talking to different people and strangers, just making sure they don’t pick things up off the ground; just using precaution in every way that they can,” said Megan Burns, an assistant principal at Steelton Elementary School.

Pediatric health educator Shannon Depatto says some intersections in Steelton are very busy and it’s important to teach children how to navigate them.

“We need to make sure that they are focused on getting to school safely without any issues along the way,” Depatto said. “We have to really focus on how these kids can really get to school safely.”

Organizers say the one-day event has led to changes at schools across the country, including long-term walking and bicycling programs, new sidewalks and pathways, and enforcement of unsafe driving behaviors.

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