PinnacleHealth: Mammogram Voucher Program

Karen Botts of PinnacleHealth was here to talk about breast screening guidelines and the types of screenings available.

“Early breast cancer detection saves thousands of lives (#1 reason), therefore, the purpose of screenings is to find cancers as soon as possible when they are more easily treatable. PinnacleHealth makes it convenient with 14-15 locations throughout the area that offer mammography.We also have 5-6 locations that offer 3D Mammography/ Tomosynthesis for women at increased risk or who have dense breast tissue,” tells Botts.

The event details for the Mammogram Voucher Program is as follows:

Benefitting Mammogram Voucher Program

Tuesday, October 11, 6-8 pm, Spring Gate Vineyards, 5790 Devonshire Road, Harrisburg.

Register at (717) 231-8080 by October 7

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