Report: 10 percent of US deer-related crashes happen on Pa. roads

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Robert Daughtery, the general manager at Signature Collision Center, showed ABC27 News the first deer-related crash his East Hempfield Township shop has seen this fall.

“He hit a deer and it went rolling on this whole side,” Daughtery said. “Generally speaking, we usually get a few a week.”

Daughtery says the crashes can be expensive.

“Depending on the type of car, it could range anywhere from $3,000 on the low end to $10,000 on the high end,” he said.

A recent report by State Farm insurance claims Pennsylvania accounts for 10 percent of all deer-related crashes in the county. The report also indicates that Pennsylvania drivers are third most likely to hit a deer.

“What you’re looking at in Pennsylvania is the geography. It’s just ripe for deer and deer collisions,” State Farm spokesman Dave Phillips said.

Phillips says comprehensive coverage on your car insurance should take of deer hits.

“Just having one collision with the deer and having comprehensive coverage, you should be fine,” he said.

His best advice for avoiding deer is to slow down.

“If you’re hitting a deer at a higher speed, the impact is going to be more severe and so is the damage to your car,” he said.

Phillips says there are times when it is best to hit a deer, but only when you have a car next to you or you have no other option.

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