Medical marijuana conference hopes to help people interested in emerging industry


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Governor Tom Wolf signed the medical marijuana bill into law earlier this year. Many people are eager to get into the emerging industry. They learned how to do that Saturday.

Dozens of people turned out for an event sponsored by the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society. The organization taught people what they need to do to apply for a license.

“We all have normal nine-to-five jobs,” Mark Beichner said.

Beichner wants to get into the medical cannabis business.

“We feel that we have an opportunity to one, do something good for our community,” Beichner said. “We know a lot of youth that are suffering from anywhere from Dandy Walker Syndrome, autism, we understand that the cannabis oil helps benefit them.”

People like Beichner learned how to get ready to apply for a growing or dispensary license.

“I think a lot of people getting into into this space have questions not about what type of plants to grow but what types of products to produce. Other critical factors are banking and economic facts. Are you going to be able to use a bank for this? Is it going to be an all-cash business, as we’ve seen in other states,” said Patrick Nightingale, executive director of the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society.

Pennsylvania will be issuing 25 growing licenses and 50 dispensary licenses.

“This is not about Cheech and Chong. This is not about being stoned. This is about medicine. This is not about the high, so this is going to help show that, that this is real medicine,” said Sen. Mike Folmer, (R-Lebanon, Dauphin, & York Counties).

Click here for more information on the event and the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society.



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