Centers for Disease control no longer recommends a popular vaccination

Courtesy of WJBF

Augusta, GA. (WJBF)-The Centers for Disease Control made a recommendation to do away with a popular vaccination method. Flumist, a nasal spray mostly used by children was proven to be ineffective over the last three years.

Linda Schleicher, a mom of four, says every year she takes her kids to get vacinnated to protect them from not only the flu, but many other illnesses.

“Well I’m a little sad that there is only going to be one choice but it’s still important to be prepared.” Schleicher said.

At Barney’s pharmacy they are no longer offering the nasal spray to their customers he says the traditional method of vaccination is still available.

“I do recommend that people do get their flu vaccine even though it’s going to be an injection. It really does reduce your risk of being hospitalized or just getting off your feet and being sick for a week.” Duncan said.

Major pharmacies such as CVS aren’t carrying the spray in stores and to encourage customers to get vaccinated they’re even offering incentives such as make an appointment and receive a $5 target gift card.

According to the CDC every year influenza kills, on average 24,000 people in the U.S. including about 100 children.

Duncan says right now the flu shot is the only method of choice that is available so it’s important to move forward with immunizing your kids because so they don’t risk their chance of getting the flu.

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