West York council calls for mayor to resign over racist Facebook posts

WEST YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – West York Mayor Charles Wasko is in hot water over some controversial posts on his Facebook page. Many people are calling them racist and offensive to Jews, Muslims, veterans, and women.

Things could get heated at the West York Borough Council meeting next Monday. Councilman Brian Wilson will make a motion for the mayor’s resignation.

0ce470143272490e90acea009d84ff85“I have family members of other ethnicities and I was never raised this way,” Wilson said. “I don’t believe in hate.”

A post on Wasko’s page shows a group of orangutans in a wheelbarrow with the words, “Moving day at the White House has finally arrived.” ABC27 News discovered several other racial posts with monkeys on Wasko’s Facebook page Thursday.

Another picture shows flag-draped coffins and mentioned the NFL quarterback would not stand for the national anthem. It read, “…please point out which of these guys are black so we can remove the offensive flag.”

gunsWasko posted a picture of a Swastika reading “gun control” killed six million Jews during the Holocaust. Another image shows a dog in a Burka and indicated it is a “guide dog for Muslim women.”

West York Borough President Shawn Mauck calls the posts “disgusting.”

“Chuck is way out on a limb and I honestly think he should apologize immediately. I have had members of the public reach out to me last night and all day today, hundreds, asking for his resignation,” Mauck said.

“It does not represent any member of Council. We do not condone his actions and what he said. It’s not representational of the police department or any departments in this borough. He’s on his own on this one and he just needs to step down,” Councilwoman Shelley Metzler said.

Councilman Mauck said he spoke to the mayor about removing the posts but Wasko blocked him. He remembers coming to West York 20 years ago and seeing its diversity grow.

“It’s no longer Mayberry. It’s no longer all whites. It’s all of us. We’re all together,” Mauck said.

The council will hold a meeting Monday, Oct. 3, beginning at 6 p.m., at the West York Borough Building, 1381 West Popular Street. The community is invited to attend. The NAACP and Black Lives Matter are expected to be there.

Wasko did not return our messages for comment.

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