UPDATE: York police respond to questions about how crash victim died

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – At 8 a.m. Saturday morning, the York County Coroner determined Carl Snellings died from accidental blunt force trauma to the chest as a result of the car crash.


Investigators in York on Friday released new details in a deadly crash following a short police chase Thursday night.

Some near the scene raised questions about how the man, identified by the York County Coroner’s Office as 51-year-old Carl Snellings, died, and how the crash happened.

This as police search for a second person they say ran from the crash.

It all ended at the intersection of Pleasant Way and Mckenzie Street in York; Friday balloons hung on a fence at the site and candles sat below with Snellings’ name written on them.

Leading up to the chain-link, tire tracks were carved in an empty lot leading from one broken wooden post to a second.

Pennsylvania State Police said the car sped off from a traffic stop as they investigated its possible connection to a hit-and-run from earlier in the evening.

After a short chase, police said the car crashed into the fence and Snellings died after being ejected from the car.

Some near the scene contend a state trooper’s cruiser bumped the vehicle and caused it to crash, or even ran over Snellings after he had been ejected.

Police said Friday it’s not true.

“Obviously this investigation is still ongoing,” said PSP Trooper Robert Hicks, “but we do know that for a fact, that the patrol vehicle did not strike the back of the truck, nor did it run over the victim.”

Police say a second man ran from the crash. They had not tracked him down by Friday afternoon.

Investigators hope to question that person about the crash. They also plan to continue talking to family members and witnesses to better piece together what happened.

“We understand when a tragic incident like this occurs that emotions run high,” Hicks said. “We just ask people to please use some patience. Let the investigation run its course, let the facts come out.”

The coroner’s office has not determined how Snellings died. An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday.

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