Patriot-News flap over guide

HARRISBURG, Pa (WHTM) – The Patriot-News is defending its sale of a retirement guide that many of the paper’s subscribers believe should not have been offered for sale in the first place.

The Retirement Guide was included in the home delivery of last week’s Sunday Patriot-News newspaper. Many subscribers contacted the ABC27 newsroom to say they received an email this morning informing them they’d be charged $2.99 for the guide unless they contacted the Patriot-News offices to opt out of the purchase.

One subscriber suggested that this was a sneaky way of getting money from senior citizens who disregarded the email. But Patriot-News circulation director Dan Christ told ABC27 News that subscribers were notified in five previous articles that there would be a fee for the guide.

“We wanted to let the customers see the Retirement Guide before paying for it,” Christ said.

According to an email from the Patriot-News, there are two ways subscribers can opt out of paying for the guide. Subscribers can either email the Patriot-News at or call them at 1-877-486-0655. (Make sure you begin by dialing the 1)

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