Parents concerned after third bomb threat at Eastern York Middle School this week

Many parents are concerned at the Eastern York School District following three bomb threats.

Everyone is safe, however, as students and staff were cleared to return to the building just before 10 a.m Friday morning.

But some parents chose to bring their kids home.

One by one, many parents picked up their kids early from Eastern York Middle School, some for the third time this week.

“I feel like we just wait for the phone call to say, ‘our kids are being evacuated again,'” said Tabitha Estep.

There were three bomb threats from three different students, the school says.

“I felt earlier this week it was a prank,” said Nicki Stoutzenbergert, “Was just kids being kids and this would all blow over. Now it’s getting to the point where I’m very concerned.”

Lower Windsor Township police say no threat was found.

“In less than an hour, our kids were going back into the school so I just don’t feel it’s very safe,” Estep said. “I don’t feel like they had enough time to check everything, talk to people.”

The Eastern York School District superintendent declined ABC27’s interview, but released a statement explaining the threats were found on a crumpled paper inside the book compartment of a student’s work space, on a sticky note on a locker and written on the wall of the boy’s bathroom.

“When is a note going to be the real thing, like when is it going to happen?,” Estep asked. “I feel like that’s just what we’re waiting for.”

The statement also said in part, “Not only do these bluffs create unnecessary fear in our schools, but they also cause additional expense to the community. We have taken – and will continue to take – these threats very seriously and are acting accordingly.”

“This is not funny and every single parent should have had that conversation with their child on Tuesday,” Stoutzenberger said.

The school says two students have been suspended from school pending a disciplinary hearing.

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