Meet ‘Ninja Weatherman’ Joe Moravsky in Annville this weekend

Joe Moravsky is known as the “Ninja Weatherman” after his success on the popular show, American Ninja Warrior.

This weekend, Moravsky will be a “wishmaker” as well, greeting fans in Annville.  He’ll appear at Paramount Sports where people can ask him questions and get tips as he demonstrates on an obstacle course.

“I’m gonna try them all,” Moravsky said of the obstacles in Annville. “If I’m going to be there, there’s no half in!”

It’s the same course the Daybreak team competed on last month.

“These obstacles are going to be awesome,” Moravsky said. “We’re going to go over how to do these types of obstacles. I’m going to give you my mentality to approach these things. We get to hang out, sign autographs, take pictures and have a great time.”

Moravsky said his success on American Ninja Warrior, emerging as one of the top competitors, feels amazing.

But giving back feels even better.

“I feel so blessed,” he said. “I think about it all the time. I thank God for the opportunities. I thank God for the blessings because there are a lot and I am undeserving of those blessings.”

Saturday’s event will raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which helps makes dream comes true for children with life-threatening medical conditions.

“I love this stuff and that’s why I do it,” Moravsky said.

If you would like to meet Moravasky at Paramount Sports on Saturday morning, you must get tickets in advance.  You can find them at

We’re told 100 percent of ticket sales will benefit the foundation. Moravsky said he’s also donating a portion of the proceeds from the merchandise he sells.

To watch the Daybreak team compete on the obstacle course, visit


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