Mommy Minute: The Wiggles bringing their show to Harrisburg


The Wiggles have been entertaining and educating children for more than two decades. They’re now taking their show on the road, heading their big red car right for Harrisburg.

“We try to communicate in a way children understand,” Red Wiggle Simon Pryce said. “The songs are catchy and they marry with actions and movements, so it’s about the words married with the actions. It’s about education. It’s about entertainment for that early childhood audience.”

“Keep it simple,” Anthony Field, also known as Blue Wiggle, said.  “Keep it entertaining. Keep it positive and keep it fun and keep it clean and that’s what The Wiggles do.”

“I think its just a great fun, friendly feel and you know something that parents can trust as well putting their children in front of,” Pryce said.

The show is a mix of new and classic songs, all with the goal of getting kids and parents, who likely grew up singing some of the same tunes, on their feet.

“We like to think that we empower children. Make them feel good about who they are,” Field said.

The Wiggles will be at The Forum in Harrisburg next Wednesday, September 28 at 6:30 p.m. For ticket information, visit

Field is the only original member of the cast.

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