Warm and dry week ahead


Yesterday’s beneficial rainfall for most is all Central PA is likely to get in the next week or so. Hopefully the plants and lawns soaked it up because the pattern favors warm and dry conditions for the remainder of this week. Clouds will be tough to budge early this morning (along with some dense fog) behind yesterday’s front. It will remain a bit muggy outside and stagnant until the sun can burn through later this morning. As we move into the afternoon, however, and the sun comes out in full force, highs will reach into the mid 80s. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be just as warm, and even humid at times with sunny skies and daily highs well above average: in the mid 80s.

Saturday could even be lumped into the warm category before a front arrives overnight Saturday into Sunday. The timing of that front will prevent any measurable rainfall and should keep our region dry for the weekend. Expect cooler conditions and a bit of a breeze Sunday and into Monday as temperatures return to the 70s. Change is coming…at least in the temperature department…a little more rain couldn’t hurt either but nothing significant is in the extended forecast.

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