Garden Guru: Dry weather harming home plants

LINGLESTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) – ABC27’s Garden Guru Kathy Quarles said between the high humidity, high temperatures, and lack of rain, it takes no time for plants to dry out.

“It’s hot. It’s dry. I think like 46 days above 90 degrees,” Elvin Lacoe, a shopper at Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill, said.

Lacoe is spot on, in fact. Compare that to the seasonal average which is 21 days. Last summer, there were only nine days above 90 degrees.

“It’s been a very tough year,” Quarles said.

And while it’s tough on us, it’s also tough on plants.

“Especially where plants, flowers are in the sun for more than half of the day, you have to water them every day or they wilt quickly,” Lacoe said.

Elvin came for some mums, under strict orders from the missus, of course.

“I didn’t buy any big ones this year because they’re a lot of care with no water, so I bought two small ones,” Lacoe said.

Quarles said people are not watering their plants enough.

“We need rain badly. If you’re trying to plant anything right now, it’s like digging in concrete. I mean, that’s how hard it is,” she said.

She said by now, plants should be mature and able to withstand the drought temperatures.

“You’re not seeing that this year. You’re seeing a lot of stressed plants, a lot of stressed trees and shrubs,” Quarles said.

It can cause all kinds of problems like fungi on plants, plants that won’t bloom, and some frustrated gardeners.

“Come spring, you may have a few plants that are not coming back because they were just too dry the season before,” Quarles said.

As for Elvin and his mums:

“It’s hot but, we’ll get through it,” Lacoe said.

Kathy said one of the best things you can do to keep your home plants from drying out is to water them in the morning, not at night.

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