Beneficial rain Monday morning douses a dry Midstate

Most parts of Central PA picked up close to an inch of rain early Monday morning as a front crawled across the Commonwealth. Some spots were lucky enough to see between 2 and 4″ of beneficial rainfall. Most of those higher amounts fell in our eastern counties where drought conditions are not as prevalent as our western counties.

The map below shows Doppler estimated rainfall across the region from the early morning hours. Several rounds of showers and even some thunderstorms occurred during those hours with even heavier rain across eastern PA and into New Jersey as the front stall. All told, an average of 0.77″ fell across our ten-county region.


The front that delivered the rain is now off to our east. The rest of the week will warm up with temperatures returning to the mid 80s for the final few days of Summer and the first few days of Fall. The way this season has gone, it shouldn’t be all that surprising. Some relief looks possible by Sunday into Monday from the heat and humidity.

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