USS Susquehannock: Sci-Fi Day!


It’s a free event for the whole family.  It’s for all Sci-Fi fans of any genre. The USS Susquehannock Sci-Fi Day will be at 2nd and Charles Book Store, 3501 Paxton Street, Harrisburg, PA 17111.

The event goes from 10AM to 3PM.

“We’re really excited about our guest line up this year.  We have J.G. Hertzler joining us this year.  He played Martok (a Klingon) on Star Trek, Deep Space 9.  New York Times Best Selling author, Michael Jan Friedman is another guest.  He has written novels of several Sci-Fi Genres and also wrote an episode of Star Trek, Voyager, “Resistance”.  Marc Okrand is the creator of the Klingon Language.  Also joining us are Capital City Jedi Knights, Central PA Avengers, Central PA Ghost Busters, Charles Oldman from the Astronomical Society of Harrisburg, Denebian Slime Devils (filkers), Artist Mitch Bentley, Illustrator Jason Lenox and more,” tells Doris Hutley.

To learn more, go online to their Facebook page or watch the video above.


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