Brett and Amanda’s Road to 5K: Part 3


For three weeks, Brett Thackara and Amanda Peterson of ABC27 News Daybreak have trained for theHarrisburg JCC 5K Walk/Run.

They have been working with Physical Fitness Specialist Jeremy Kreiser, a personal trainer at the JCC.

Jeremy has put together a 5K training plan that anyone can do at home.and are taking you on their training journey.

He gave Brett and Amanda a speed workout, a strength workout and then finally, a workout to improve endurance.

In this endurance training session, Jeremy mapped out a mock 5K course and had the pair run it to the best of their abilities.

Tune in Thursday morning to see how they did!

If you want to train at home for a 5K. Jeremy suggests doing the speed and strength workouts once a week while doing a long, sustained run twice a week. Each week, for at least 4 weeks, increase the distance on the long, sustained run until you reach the 3.1 miles of a 5K.

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