Poll: Americans favor slightly higher bills to fight warming

FILE - In this Sept. 21, 2014 file photo, demonstrators make their way down Sixth Avenue in New York during the People's Climate March. Americans are hot but not too bothered by global warming. Most Americans know the climate is changing, but they say they are just not that worried about it, according to a new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. And that is keeping the American public from demanding and getting the changes that climate scientists say are necessary to prevent global warming from reaching a crisis, social scientists say. (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow, File)

WASHINGTON (AP) – A new poll finds that most Americans are willing to pay a little more each month to fight global warming – but only a tiny bit. Still, environmental policy experts hail that as a hopeful sign.

A poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago says 71 percent of those surveyed want the federal government to do something about global warming.

If the cost of fighting climate change is only an additional $1 a month in electric bills, 57 percent of Americans said they would support that. But as that fee goes up, support for it plummets. Only 39 percent of people support an extra $10 a month and 20 percent support an extra $50 a month.

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