Midstate Memories: Elections throughout History

With election season in high gear, the York County History Center has a number of items in their collection that relate to past elections along with a few temporary displays.

Two of the History Center’s more unique pieces are a silk campaign banner and coin from the 1840 Presidential Election.  This is the campaign banner for the Whig Party’s second presidential campaign with hopeful nominees William Henry Harrison and John Tyler.

“Harrison won the election, but soon died in office. The campaign is best known for the slogan Tippencanoe and Tyler Too– but this banner highlights some south central Pennsylvania connections with a supportive state legislator in Thaddeus Stevens, “a Friend of Equal Rights” and the “Ten Cent Men” line is an attack at democratic party backers such as James Buchanan, who suggested a ten cent wage was adequate for the average American,” tells Dan Roe, V.P of Interpretation.

“York City: 275 Years of History exhibit will be up through January 7, 2017, and our small display on political materials will be up through Election Day. Both are located at the History Center’s Historical Society Museum Library & Archives.”

Learn more online at www.yorkhistorycenter.org.

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