Val’s Kids: Ja’Mone

A high school student who loves math is hoping he can become a great addition to your family. Ja’ Mone has plans to go to college. He loves sports and baseball is one of his favorites.

Ja’Mone also takes part in a baseball league. His favorite professional teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Yankees. Ja’Mone is a helpful, respectful and kind child. If he could have three wished granted, here is what tops his list. “Go to a Pittsburg game, get adopted and become a cop or a coach.” Ja’Mone said. Ja’Mone loves chinese food, chicken and broccoli with shrimp fired rice. Ja’Mone is also very religous. “I would just like to see Ja’mone in a family that has similar values to him. God and church are very important to him as well so a family that also has those values would be important for him to have in common and also to have an active lifestyle support him in his interest in athletics.” said Case Worker Helene Kosciolek

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