2016 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

You’re looking at the world’s fastest production sedan. Any garden variety Dodge Charger SRT is a mighty fast machine, but the first hint this one is special are the front fender logos. Then there’s the Hellcat’s high-domed hood with functional cooling vents.

Underneath is a supercharged, fire-breathing, 707 horsepower V8. It’s 6.2 liters of American-engineered whoop-ass. That amazing powerplant gives cred to the rest of the car: forged 20-inch-wheels, massive brakes, and even those optional black racing stripes.

000002You’ll find nicer car interiors, but the Hellcat has what’s important to an enthusiast driver: a thick-rimmed steering wheel, comfortable supportive seats, and easy-to-use controls.

Punch up the SRT pages on a huge display and you can adjust the car’s systems for street or race track driving. The only transmission available is an 8-speed automatic.

The back seat is not so big, but the trunk is huge.

Now, back to cool stuff.

000004Big horsepower and rear-wheel drive mean lots of fun, but you have to respect this machine to be safe. With 707 horsepower on tap, it’s amazing just how quickly the Charger Hellcat responds. It’s almost like you think of going faster and then you are.

Handling is quite impressive, so the Hellcat is not just for the drag strip.

So, for the 2016 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, I say thumbs up to the amazing engine, amazing brakes, and amazing speed; thumbs down to poor gas mileage. I averaged about 15 miles-per-gallon.

The as-tested sticker price is $72,225.

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