Meet Taylor Manning, a 3-year-old whose engine is always running

If you walk through a parking lot with 3-year-old Taylor Manning, you’ll need to buckle your seat belt; he will take you for quite a ride.

Manning started identifying cars in front of his home in Chambersburg when he was just two.

“We have a semi-busy road in front of our house, so we would sit out on the front porch and he would say, ‘wanna go look at cars,’ and that’s kind of how it started,” his mother, Jennifer Huston said.

Recently, his mother caught him in the act in a social media post that made its way to abc27.  Manning then stopped by the station to flex his automotive muscle.


In a tour of both abc27 parking lots, he didn’t miss a single vehicle.  He can now name more cars that his father, Martin.

“I worked at a car dealership and he’d always watch the cars and go through all the cars on the lot,” Martin Manning said. “That’s how he learned it.”

Manning’s parents hope it’s a hobby that will ultimately steer him to success.

“He has a new subscription to Car and Driver Magazine coming soon,” Huston said.

Manning will turn four in February.

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