Heat staying through Saturday, more storms too

Last evening produced some much needed rainfall in parts of the viewing area from developing storms thanks to the increased humidity. Today will bring the hottest day of the week and thanks to a cold front crossing through tonight, more rain could be on the way. Expect highs in the mid 90s this afternoon with most storms holding off until after sunset. There could be downpours and thunderstorms overnight as lows stay muggy, in the mid 70s. These storms will be generally hit-or-miss, so the rainfall likely will not be widespread enough to help the region-wide dry conditions. However, like yesterday, every little bit helps. Friday will also offer the slim chance for a storm as the heat wave continues. Saturday night into early Sunday morning still has promise for the best chance of rain with a stronger front coming through. This front will also break the hot weather for now with high temperatures in the 80s and lower humidity by Sunday and early next week. Bottom line: some rain is possible over the next few days from hit-or-miss storms as the heat continues. Sunday will offer a break from the hot stuff through early next week so there is a change on the way!

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