Brett and Amanda’s Road to 5K: Part 2

Brett Thackara and Amanda Peterson of ABC27 News Daybreak are taking on the Harrisburg JCC 5K Walk/Run and they are taking you on their training journey.

In part one of the training, Brett and Amanda completed an endurance workout with Physical Fitness Specialist Jeremy Kreiser of the Harrisburg JCC.

For week two, they will work to increase their strength with Tabata.

“Typical Tabata is is eight sets,” says Jeremy. “You do 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.”

This Tabata workout is a full body workout, especially hitting leg and core muscles. Jeremy explained the interval training keeps heart rate elevated which improves the cardiovascular system.

Jeremy set up eight stations. At each station, Brett and Amanda were to complete eight rounds of each exercise. In total, 4 minutes is spent at each station before moving on. The entire workout is 32 minutes and does not require any equipment.

This is a more advanced workout so Jeremy says if you try this at home, watch your form. “Once form breaks down, it’s better to stop,” he explained. Taking a break for a 20-second interval is better than completing the workout with bad form.

If you are training at home, complete this workout once a week and schedule a rest day for the day after.

Next week, Jeremy will take Brett and Amanda on a long run. Only 10 days until the race!

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