Trial date scheduled for Bill Cosby

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) – A Montgomery County judge has tentatively set a June 5, 2017 trial date in the sexual assault case against Bill Cosby.

On Tuesday, prosecutors filed a motion to have 13 unnamed women, allegedly assaulted by Cosby, testify at trial.

Cosby, 79, appeared in a Montgomery County courtroom for a pretrial conference. The entertainer is charged with sexually assaulting a woman he mentored at Temple University in 2004.

The bulk of Tuesday’s hearing centered around a phone call Cosby made to the accuser’s mother. The call was played for Judge Steven O’Neil.

Cosby’s defense team argued their client didn’t know he was being recorded.

At one point during the call, after a reported beep, Cosby can be heard asking if the call was being recorded. The accuser’s mother responded, “no, I have a parrot.”

Cosby’s defense team, led by Brian McMonagle, informed the judge they intend to file a motion to move the trial out of Montgomery County.

Prosecutor Kevin Steele told reporters his team could be ready for a trial immediately.

“If we want to go back in and start picking a jury tomorrow, we’re prepared to do that,” he said. “That’s not the schedule we’ve been given. It’ll give more time for the defense to prepare, but it’ll give more time for us to prepare as well.”

Judge O’Neil said Cosby is reportedly blind and that accommodations would be needed for him during the trial.

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