Back to work: Congress returns to Washington ahead of election

Congress is set to return to Capitol Hill after a seven week break. (Photo Credit: Mark Meredith)

WASHINGTON (MEDIA GENERAL) – After spending most of the summer away from the spotlight in Washington D.C., both the House and the Senate are returning to Capitol Hill.

While most Americans’ minds will be focused on the 2016 Presidential race, both House and Senate members are eager to wrap up work on key legislation before voting begins. During an exchange with reporters on Tuesday, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) outlined how he envisioned Congress will be graded by voters.

The House is expected to re-examine how to fund the government’s response to the Zika virus crisis after a measure designed to designate funding failed the chamber earlier this summer. Perhaps more vital to the country as a whole, Congress is expected to finalize a resolution to keep the government-funded past a September 30th deadline. There is an internal debate to pass only a measure that would only fund the government for a short period of time and therefore require Congress to re-examine the budget after the November election.

2016: The election that impacts everything

The 2016 Presidential race continues to loom heavily over how Congress will work and be shaped past November’s ballot. There are several Senate and House races nationwide that could be decided based on how voters choose their Presidential picks.

“I feel very secure Republicans will keep the House,” added Rep. McCarthy on Tuesday. The Republican leadership is expected to highlight members’ accomplishments and vision over the striking personalities of candidates or the heated rhetoric that’s lead the news cycle for more than a year.

The Cook Political Report examines several House seats that are likely to be toss-ups:


(Graph above from the Cook Political Report) 


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