Brett and Amanda’s Road to 5K: Part 1

In a few weeks, Brett Thackara and Amanda Peterson of ABC27 News Daybreak are taking on a 5K and they are taking you on their training journey.

The pair will take part in the Harrisburg JCC 5K Walk/Run on Sunday, September 18.

It has been a few years since Brett has laced up his running shoes and while Amanda ran a half marathon in April, she has never raced in a 5K so they have recruited training help from a personal trainer.

On Tuesday, Physical Fitness Specialist Jeremy Kreiser put the two through an endurance workout.

He started with a warm up.

Brett and Amanda ran the length of a basketball course, completing a lap of each of the following: light jogging, butt kicks, side shuffles, grape vines, high skips, long skips, jogging at 50% of max speed, running at 75% of max speed and then sprinting at 100% of max speed.

After warming up, Jeremy explained the first workout would be training for endurance.

During the 10 minute workout, Brett and Amanda alternated doing :30 seconds of jogging, :20 seconds of walking followed by :10 seconds of sprinting.

The different pacing allowed for adequate rest and recovery. Jeremy says this will allow a running to increase the amount of time they spend running since there is time to recover.

This type of workout should be done once a week, says Jeremy. Each week, runners should extend the time they spend doing the intervals.

After every run, Jeremy says runners need to cool down and stretch, which Brett says was the hardest part of the workout.

Jeremy had the pair do a lap of high kicks, several inchworms, and stretches for calves and Achilles.

Since Brett and Amanda are only training with Jeremy once a week, he gave them homework.

Over the next seven days, they are instructed to complete a couple runs of 1 to 1.5 miles and to do bodyweight exercises like squats and pushups.

If you are ready to take on the 5K challenge at home, Jeremy says a realistic expectation is to run a race in October or November if you start training today. If you do, let us know! Tweet @BrettThack or @_AmandaPeterson and use the hashtag #BA5K.

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