York Suburban Middle School adds new positions under Fair Funding Formula

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – York Suburban School District approved three new positions this year at its middle school with additional funds under the Fair Funding Formula.

The hallways are full; not only with students but smiles.

“We’re happy because students are here, students are engaged,” middle school principal Dr. Scott Krauser said.

The same goes for the back to schoolers, who are seeing fewer faces in the classroom.

“They can’t hide anymore like they used to be able to do in the class of 30 kids. They could kind of sit back and fall away, but they can’t do that anymore and I think they’re enjoying the fact that they can’t do that,” said Alicia Kowitz, head of the middle school Math Department.

The school added those three positions to their math and science programs, scaling back class size to the low 20s. The new formula distributes cash more evenly to schools. Governor Tom Wolf signed the legislation this summer.

Seventh-grade math teacher Mrs. Reinert got a job from the funding. She said now she can help students even more.

“It’s allowed teachers just the freedom to do more things, the opportunity to interact with students more, and the students just have the confidence to be more involved in the classroom,” Reinert said.

“We want students to struggle through those math problems – that’s the learning process – but most importantly, we need a teacher to be there through that struggle to help guide and support,” Krauser said.

“We’re seeing and feeling it, and as I walk down the hall on the third day of school, teachers were acknowledging what a difference they feel and it’s just been a real positive impact on the morale here at the middle school,” York Suburban superintendent Dr. Shelly Mearkle said.

The Fair Funding Formula looks at several factors like the number of kids who live in poverty, the number enrolled in charter schools, and how many are English language learners.

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