5 things you need to know: Thursday, August 25

Nearly 400 people met last night to discuss the mold concern at East Pennsboro schools. 

On Tuesday, the high school and one elementary school closed for mold. Wednesday, as a precaution, all schools were closed for testing. All four schools will remain closed on Thursday. Officials expect air quality results by the end of the week.

Pennsylvania has a plan to deal with the Zika virus. 

The Heath Department said as of Wednesday, there are 82 confirmed cases in Pennsylvania and 120 pending test results. All Pennsylvania cases are travel-related, but local governments are preparing for the worst.

The death toll in Italy is now at 247. 



Searchers continue to go through piles of rock and sand that were once buildings, searching for survivors of Wednesday’s pre-dawn earthquake.

A Lancaster County boy, living with a rare condition, is recovering after a five-organ transplant.

Tony Forte, 11, of Manheim Township, Lancaster County, is talkative and coherent, according to his mother Monica.

A Filipino fisherman found possibly the world’s biggest pearl and hid it under a bed for 10 years. 

He says it was hidden as a “lucky charm.” The fisherman, his father, and brothers found the irregular-shaped pearl inside a giant clam. He recently gave it to Puerto Princesa city’s tourism officer for safe keeping. The 75-pound pearl is 2.2 feet long and 1 foot wide.

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