Former Sandusky attorney to be sentenced Wednesday

A former attorney for Jerry Sandusky will be sentenced Wednesday on his own set of charges.

Karl Rominger of Carlisle pleaded guilty back in May to stealing money from more than a dozen clients.

Rominger surrendered his law license in March of 2014 when an investigation began. He admitted to stealing more than $760,000 from his clients. His attorney said he is getting treatment for a gambling addiction.

Rominger is also waiting to be sentenced on federal crimes. He pleaded guilty to federal tax evasion for not paying taxes as far back as 2006.

It’s believed the standard sentencing range for this type of case is nine to 16 months in prison.

Rominger has reached out to his supporters on his Facebook page, asking for them to come to Wednesday’s haring and send letters to the court of his behalf.

When reached by abc27 Wednesday morning, Rominger said he did not have a statement.

This is a developing story. Abc27 will be in court and will bring you the latest updates both on-air and online.

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