Outdoors: Ticks and Lyme Disease

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Within the next month or so, with fall hunting seasons approaching quickly, we’ll be spending more and more time afield, and the more likely we are to be exposed to one of the most misunderstood and potentially dangerous items in the woods. Ticks and Lyme disease.

“Hunters are well aware of when they go into the woods, or when people go out in the woods hiking or camping. They are likely to pick up ticks. Not all ticks carry the Lyme Disease bacteria. Wood tick which is common to folks does not carry it. It is the black-legged tick or the deer tick that carries Lyme Disease. It is much smaller than the wood tick”, said PA Game Commission Travis Lau.

Symptoms of Lyme disease are confusing and can differ greatly with different people. Some never exhibit any early symptoms at all.

“Symptoms of Lyme disease can run the gamut. The fever type symptom is associated with Lyme; headaches, dizziness, nausea, running a fever, joint pain. Lyme is transmitted through the bite of a black-legged tick. If you know you have been bit, you will be well advised to seek medical attention. Lyme can be treated especially if caught early”, said Lau.

Don’t let the threat of Lyme disease deter you from your outdoor pursuits. But if you think you have been bitten by a dog tick, don’t take any chances. Early diagnosis and testing is imperative.

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