School resource officers prepare for new school year, challenges

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – School resource officers are getting ready for the new school year.

Chief Michael Muldrow is in charge of school police and safety services in York City Schools.

“In developing our department, the desire of having it built on a foundation about the spirit of the law of doing for people instead of to people,” Muldrow said.

Muldrow spent eight years as a York City officer. HJ now has 11 officers on staff.

“The marching order for us is about trust building. It’s about being that neighborhood guy and you get your job done by influence instead of force,” Muldrow said.

Muldrow said the recent violence nationwide and locally caught his attention. He wants to build a stronger bond between his students and his staff.

“Our officers are asking about your games, they are asking about who you like, what you like, what are you getting into, and what do your grades look like,” Muldrow said.

Muldrow said students becoming familiar with his officers will help them be more comfortable around city police.

Retired Harrisburg Police Officer Wendy Weaver Carter spent 25 years on the job and seven years as a school resource officer. She said building trust matters.

“One young lady, in particular, had shared with me that she has been assaulted at home and that led to an investigation,” Carter said.

Carter said her days as an S.R.O were some of the most rewarding of her career and she occasionally gets a message of thanks on social media.

“She said that you made sure that I was always safe and I was always staying out of trouble,” Carter said.

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