Abandoned, emaciated dogs rescued along Lancaster County road

ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) – Two dogs abandoned along a Lancaster County road were emaciated, starving, and covered with fleas.

Laurie Yost, president of Pitties.Love.Peace rescue in Elizabethtown, said the pit bulls were wandering on Bossler Road on Tuesday.

“The neighbors had found two dogs in really bad shape,” Mandi Balmer said.

Balmer’s neighbor, Dan Kecki, found the two Pit Bulls as he drove down the road.

“They were on the side of the road near a farm field,” Balmer said. “He wasn’t sure if Captain was alive at first.”

Balmer brought the dogs to Pitties.Love.Peace.

000003A male, named Captain by his rescuers, is so thin that his spine and ribcage are showing. He’s believed to be about 6 years old and should weigh about 65 pounds, but weighed only 33 pounds. He has no lower teeth and is urinating blood.

“He’s got a variety of other lumps and bumps,” Yost said. “He’s got a little tumor attached to his eye.”

A female, Morgan, appears to have given birth to multiple litters.

000001Our theory would be that someone dumped them,” Yost said. “Whoever the previous owner was took them out and dumped them in the middle of farmland and left them there. He didn’t want to be responsible for the dogs anymore or to be accountable for what he was doing, with the neglect they were suffering.”

Captain and Morgan will continue veterinary care for about another week. Pitties.Love.Peace is looking for a foster home.

The Pennsylvania SPCA is investigating the case. Anyone who has information on the dogs or their owner is asked to call them or Pitties.Love.Peace.

On The Web: http://pittieslovepeace.com/

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