Mercersburg woman, adoption advocate, addresses Democratic National Convention

PHILADELPHIA (WHTM) – Daniele Mellott of Mercersburg is in Philadelphia this week. She’s not a politician, she’s not even a delegate, but all eyes are on her.

She’s speaking to this packed convention and millions at home about a topic near and dear to her heart.

“We are here to represent adoption during the Democratic National Convention,” she said.

It’s a topic Mellott is very passionate about. She adopted her son heath when he was 14. He was featured in an edition of ABC27’s Val’s Kids. When she was contacted by the Clinton Organization, Mellott was thrilled at the chance to share her story.

“It’s so important because most want to adopt young babies and children, and by the time kids are teenagers, they have behaviors and they’re not as cute,” she said. “A lot just aren’t interested in adopting teens.”

I spoke with her just after her rehearsal, which consisted of her checking out the stage and counting to 10. She said she wasn’t really nervous. With her being involved in the Democratic National Convention, you’d think she was someone who is really into politics.

“I’m not,” she said, “but I’m into adoptions.”

And now the whole world knows it.

“I’m not a Democrat, but Hillary cares about kids like heath and making families like mine complete,” she said. “That’s why I’m with her.”

Politics aside, Mellott says this whole experience has been the opportunity of a lifetime.

“It’s actually very humbling because I know I’ve worked with so many adoptive families who have been doing this 20, 30 years and have changed a number of lives,” she said. “For me, to be able to stand up and speak for all those folks and all the children is a really rewarding experience.”

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