Extreme heat dangerous for trout

A local fishing expert said the current heat wave could be dangerous for trout. The key is knowing the best time to fish.

“Everybody needs to make their own decision when they fish and when they do not fish.” Gene Giza, owner of Four Seasons Flyfishing Guide Service, said.

Giza said the best time to fish is sunrise to about mid morning, or late in the evening until dark. If the water temperature is between 68 and 70 degrees,

“It’s an alert. An alarm should go off that ‘yeah it’s time to stop fishing’,” Giza said.

Anglers can check the temperature of the water with a digital thermometer.

Warmer water means less oxygen and added stress for trout.

“When you do catch a trout, play it as fast as possible and release shortly there after,” Giza said.

Because water temperatures above 70 degrees can be deadly.

“So make your own decision and make it a wise one,” Giza said.

Giza said the best water temperature for fishing is in the mid-60’s or lower.

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