Top Pa. Republicans at RNC look ahead to November election

Donald Trump supporters cheer speakers at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. (Photo: Chance Seales)

CLEVELAND (WHTM) – Song and security were easily found on the convention’s final night.

It is fitting because Donald Trump is promising to keep Americans safe and he’s hoping to get Republicans singing from the same song sheet.

“There’s a lot of unity in the room. I was a Rubio guy and I am for the Trump-Pence ticket. I think we can take Pennsylvania,” said Mike Turzai, Pa. Speaker of the House.

“There’s a clear choice is either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and four more years of what we’ve had for the last eight years, I don’t think people want that,” said former Pa. Governor Tom Corbett.

Pennsylvania has prime real estate at the convention and it’s a prime target for the GOP.

The Vice Presidential nominee met with the Pa. delegation Thursday morning and urged them to make it Pennsylvania come November.

“Let’s work like we’ve never worked before to carry this ticket and this team and our party and our agenda all across the state of Pennsylvania,” said Mike Pence, Vice Presidential candidate and Governor of Indiana.

Donald Trump loves the art of the deal, but selling this ticket to young voters would be quite a feat.

“Any Republican candidate was gonna have trouble with young voters,” said Alex Smith.

Smith is the head of the College Republican National Committee. It’s her job to win over millennials and she insists it can be done.

“Millennials identify as independents more than any other party affiliation, in my opinion, that’s a huge loss for the Democrats,” Smith said.

Convention enthusiasm and excitement is sky high now, but will Trump’s team come November.

Congressman Mike Kelly said, “They’re putting in their mouthpiece, tightening their chin strap and helmet and they’re getting ready to knock the living hell out of somebody in another colored jersey. We’re getting ready.

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