Burglary victim ‘glad’ police broke up alleged 8-month theft ring

Robby Zoller, left, and Angela Micklo

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A Cumberland County pair is facing a slew of felony charges in a crime spree that saw more than a half-dozen break-ins at businesses and homes.

Robby Zoller and Angela Micklo face more than 50 counts of burglary, theft, and related charges for burglaries in Cumberland and Perry counties.

Len McKee, the owner of Beverage Express in Carlisle, said the suspects were able to get into his building back in November by cutting away pieces of the metal siding around back. Police said that’s how they got into most of the places they targeted.

“I walked by that hole five times and never noticed it,” McKee said, “because I’m looking at the doors, at the ceiling. I’m thinking, ‘Did they bust through the roof,’ you know?”

The burglars made off with around $15,000 in cash, lottery tickets, and cigarettes.

Over the next four months, police in multiple departments say the pair did the same thing seven more times across a number of townships and boroughs, at businesses and two homes, often busting open concrete walls or tearing off siding to get in.

Police caught up with them at a storage facility where they were renting space. Upper Allen Township police made it clear Thursday the facility was not involved and has been cooperating fully with the investigation.

While there, officers found $170,000 in electrical components they say were stolen from another business.

“We believe there was hundreds of thousands of dollars moving through that location,” Upper Allen police Detective Sgt. Tom Kauffman said.

No one has formally been charged in that crime.

Investigators also linked Josh Long to the burglaries; he’s the Carlisle man who made headlines last week after police found a human brain under his porch. They say he soaked marijuana in the embalming fluid before smoking it.

An arrest affidavit notes he shares the house with Zoller and Micklo.

McKee says he’s made security improvements since the break-in and he’s ready to testify next week, eight months after that first burglary.

“I’m glad they got them,” he said. “We’re all just small business owners. We have enough to worry about.”

The investigation into that electronics theft is still ongoing. More charges are expected to follow.

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