Mystery customer buys lunch for police at Lancaster restaurant

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – A mystery customer at a city restaurant is showing his appreciation for law enforcement.

“We were in here getting ready for lunch and a gentleman walked in the door and handed one of our employees cash,” said Phyllis Rothweiler, a co-owner of Captain Gus’s Steak Shop. “I asked him what the money was for. He said it was to treat police officers to lunch.”

Rothweiler said she didn’t know the man and she may never know his name because he wished to remain anonymous. What is not lost, however, are the actions that man took.

“I thought it was great that somebody stepped up to the plate to say thank you,” Rothweiler said.

“We had three police officers come in and we explained to them what happened and they were very, very grateful for it,” co-owner Nick Carpouzis said.

Kind gestures like the one at the restaurant on West Orange Street have happened all over Lancaster County following the death of officers in Texas and Louisiana.

Manor Township police Chief Todd Graeff said his officers have received things like flowers, baked goods and cards from folks showing their appreciation.

“I had a number of officers tell me that they had more thank yous and more appreciative comments from the citizens in the last couple weeks than they probably did in in a year or two prior,” he said.

At Captain Gus’s Steak Shop, there was still enough money left over for the man’s generosity to pay for one more lunch Tuesday.

Karpouzis said he’s glad there is still support for police.

“Their job is the riskiest job out there,” he said. “When they have a kind gesture by a citizen, they really appreciate it.”

Although the customer wished to remain anonymous, the co-owners of Captain Gus’s Steak Shop shared the story on Facebook. On Tuesday afternoon, the post had more than 2,000 likes.

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