ABC27 Intern News Broadcast

Every summer, the interns at ABC27 put together a news broadcast to test the skills they have developed over the course of their internships. Each intern is assigned a role to get an in depth look at a specific career they may plan to pursue after graduating.

Gabby Santoliquito

Gabby Santoliquito was assigned the role of producer. She is a senior at The Pennsylvania State University majoring in Broadcast Journalism from Gilbertsville, Pa. In preparation for the intern news broadcast, Gabby learned how much work truly goes in to production. She had to make some tough decisions while deciding what stories should be included in the newscast.

Lori Atinizian

Lori Atinizian was assigned the role of editor. She is a senior at Gettysburg College majoring in Cinema and Media Studies. She worked tediously to make sure that the entire show was edited professionally. She also learned that completing her own assignments while also helping others is an important role as an editor.

Nadine De Jesus

Nadine De Jesus, from Allentown, Pa., was assigned the role of anchor. She in a senior at Bloomsburg University majoring in Mass Communications with a minor in Business Management.

Kaitlyn Mulligan

Kaitlyn Mulligan, assigned to audio, is a junior at Clarion University majoring in Strategic Communications. She is from Lebanon, Pa. Kaitlyn learned early on that everyone must do their job to create a good broadcast. She knows it is vital to always pay attention and be prepared.

There were two interns assigned the role of reporter.

Emma Eckert

Emma Eckert is a senior at The Pennsylvania State University studying Broadcast Journalism. She is from Kennett Square, Pa.

Sarah Lefkowitz

Sarah Lefkowitz, from Huntingdon Valley, Pa., is a senior studying at York College of Pennsylvania. Sarah is majoring in Mass Communications.

Christopher Hunt

Christopher Hunt’s role was graphics operator. He is from Harrisburg, Pa. and is majoring in Telecommunications at Penn State.

Channing Raver

Channing Raver was in charge of camera operation. She is a senior at York College of Pennsylvania studying in Mass Communications. She is from Windsor, Pa. Channing quickly adapted to her role, realizing that there is only one camera operator in the studio ready to work all of the cameras at once.

The purpose of the news broadcast is to give these interns a real life simulation of what it takes to create a successful news broadcast.

Amanda Peterson who is in charge of supervising all of the interns at ABC27 was very pleased with how well the news broadcast ran and the overall end product.





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