Harrisburg councilman’s home invaded

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A city councilman says someone invaded his home overnight and stole property; the latest in a recent rash of home break-ins.

When Councilman Ben Allatt went downstairs to his kitchen, he initially though his pets were up to no good.

“I noticed my briefcase was on the floor,” he said. “I actually thought the cats knocked it over.”

Allatt said he soon noticed his kitchen was ransacked and some men’s jewelry was missing.

“I went to pick it up and noticed the back window was open and someone had been in,” he said.

While Allatt and his partner were not physically harmed, the situation definitely bruised them emotionally.

“When it happens to you, you feel violated,” he said. “You feel you’re definitely unnerved.”

Allatt said police responded quickly and investigators combed for clues. Detectives are investigating to see if it may be related to another recent home invasion in Midtown.

Once Allatt calmed down, he took to Facebook to share the ordeal and use his home invasion as a warning others in the neighborhood.

“It could’ve been worse. It wasn’t,” he said. “I mean, we’re OK. Our house is OK. Our pets are OK. But it’s really about being vigilant.”

Vigilant are what many people in Midtown say they have been as of late. According to the cIty’s new crime-mapping system, there have been a least five burglaries in the past 30 days. Recent muggings and a homicide earlier this spring and summer have put many in the area on edge.

“It just makes you wonder what’s going on,” said Mari-Beth Delucia. “It didn’t seem to be happening last summer.”

Delucia said she’s only lived in Harrisburg for roughly a year. She moved into Midtown because of its quaint feel. The latest rash of violence won’t deter her from walking her neighborhood, but she admits it’s concerning.

“I walk the streets all the time,” she said. “At night, everything. So, I hope we can figure out what’s going on.”

Police told ABC27 it was too early to tell if the home invasions are related in any way.

Allatt is urging people to lock their doors and shut their windows, even on these hot summer nights.

“I know there’s stuff I could do better,” he said, “and I think that’s anything anyone should learn from what they see like this. Take ownership and do what you can to keep you safe.”

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