Paterno family attorney says accusations ‘defy all logic’

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A lawyer for Joe Paterno’s family says accusations the late Penn State football coach was told of a child sexual incident involving Jerry Sandusky in 1976 “defy all logic.”

Wick Sollers said the accusations in newly unsealed court documents have never been subjected to even the most basic objective examination. He said there is extensive evidence that stands in stark contrast to the claim.

The man identified as John Doe 150 testified in October 2014 that he told Paterno about the incident the very next day, and Paterno responded that he didn’t want to hear about it and had a football season to worry about.

Sollers in a statement said overwhelming evidence confirms Paterno never engaged in a cover-up of Sandusky’s crimes.

“That Penn State chose to settle claims without fully assessing the underlying facts is something that the university obviously felt they had to do to help resolve this matter,” he wrote. “We understand their desire for closure, but it does not remotely validate the assertions about an uncorroborated conversation with Joe Paterno.”

Sollers said with the latest release of information, the “total mishandling of the Sandusky investigation is highlighted once again.”

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