Fiddler’s Bar and Grille

Looking to enjoy a great meal after a round of golf? Look no further than Fiddler’s Bar and Grille in Carlisle, PA. Overlooking the Mayapple Golf Course, Fiddler’s offers a variety of cuisine, live entertainment, and the freshest ingredients around.

“We have anything from burgers and fried food to steaks and seafood. We make everything from scratch including pressing our own burger patties,” tells Adam Johnson, General Manager.

As an example of what Fiddler’s has to offer, they’ve prepared their well-known Pandora’s Box (scallops, shrimp, lobster, crab with a lobster cream sauce touched with a hint of sambuca stuffed inside a puffed pastry). Ann Haskins, also a General manger at Fiddler’s mixed their signature Mayapple Bloody Mary for us as well.

To learn more about the restaurant or view a full menu, visit their website or call 717-258-1800.



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